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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Interview Like a Pro Reviewed by Mir Haynes, Resume Expert

“How to Interview Like a Pro: Forty-Three Rules for Getting Your Next Job” by Mary Greenwood is the latest how-to book from the author of “How to Negotiate Like a Pro” and “How to Mediate Like a Pro.”

"How To Interview Like a Pro" delivers the kind of instructive and sound advice that job candidates need. It’s a quick read, too; I envision job seekers downloading and reading it one day, then acing an all-important job interview the next. For readers of the digital version, like myself, the book is available within moments of purchase and its page layout and font are readable and screen-friendly.

Whether you buy the eBook or paperback, Greenwood delivers a superb interviewer’s toolkit. Her advice ranges from the detailed and practical (if a company you interviewed with said they'd let you know in two weeks, wait three to call) to the philosophical and subtle (be observant when you take a tour of the office where you're interviewing, watching interactions, environment, and personnel for “red flags”). She maintains this balance throughout the book, as she covers all phases of the interview process: Getting organized and prepared ahead of time; researching the company you’re interviewing with (and, importantly, their competitors); making the most of your professional, personal, and online social networks; the nuts and bolts of the interview (everything from the right handshake and what to wear to useful advice about out-of-town interviews and reimbursement for travel expenses).

Job seekers will appreciate the entire chapter Greenwood dedicates to common interview questions and sample answers. Providing actual verbiage you can familiarize yourself with and customize to suit your situation, Greenwood draws from her years of experience interviewing with law firms and high-power executive offices to give you answers to sticky questions like “What is your greatest failure?” and “What don’t you like about your current job?” and “Tell me about your best boss.”

The book wraps with a chapter dedicated to knowing the law and whether you are in a protected category (did I mention that Greenwood is a lawyer?), sensible tips on how to navigate the post-interview waiting game, what to do if you did—or didn’t—get the job, and appendices on interviewing do’s and don’ts, terminology, federal discrimination laws, and state fair employment agencies.

Greenwood’s book is absorbing, timely, and informative. She writes in a “helpful friend” voice and sprinkles in numerous anecdotes, which makes the book entertaining and easy to read. As a professional resume writer and online job search expert, I have been looking for an interview-preparation book that I can recommend to my clients. I have finally found it!

Mir Haynes is a professional resume writer, social media expert, and author of “Resume to Payday: Online Secrets to Find and Land Your Dream Job.” Connect with her via Twitter (@RTP_Resumes) or www.rtpresumes.com.

Mary Greenwood, email: howtointerview@aol.com websites: www.marygreenwood.org, www.howtointerviewlikeapro.org

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