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Monday, October 30, 2017

Another Book Review of Third Edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro by author Sally Helen Constain

Review of Third Edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro, How to Resolve Anything Anytime Anywhere  by

Sally Helen Constain, Author of The Keys to Fanny, Constain's epic debut novel.

 Super helpful and informative. October 27, 2017
This is the best 'how to' book ever! There is something here for everyone. The chapter headings and practice scripts are excellent ways to find the help you may need. I learned so much reading this book, and then re-reading select chapters. I leave it on my night table as a reference book. We live our lives negotiating in so many ways. Mary clarifies and guides the reader. This is an eye-opener, and can be a life-changer. The writing style is clear and conversational. Highly recommended for everyone, and also makes a great gift.

Mary Greenwood, Mediator, Attorney and Author of How To Negotiate LIke A Pro: How to Resolve Anything, Anytime Anywhere, Winner of nine book awards, Best How To Book, DIY Festival Runner Up, New York Book Festival, E-Book and Self-Help Category Finalist ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards Finalist, Best National Book Awards, Self-Help Category Honorable Mention, London Book Festival; How To Mediate Like A Pro: 42 Rules for Mediating Disputes Winner of five book awards Best National Book AWard, Law Category Best E-Book, New York Book Festival Best How To Book, Beach Book Festival Best E-Book, Indie Excellence Awards Spirit Award, South Florida Writers Association, and How to Interview Like a Pro, winner of twelve book awards.
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