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Monday, January 8, 2018

First Book Reviews of Third Edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro

First Reviews of Mary Greenwood’s Award-Winning How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Third Edition,with new chapter on Negotiating with Difficult People.  
St. Augustine Fl.. – Here is what the reviewers are saying about the third edition of  How to Negotiate Like a Pro, How to Resolve Anything, Anytime, Anywhere:
Susan Violante for Reader Views: “Overall I found the author did an awesome job presenting the reader the ballpark information needed to prepare, conduct and close a negotiation, regardless of whether at a professional or personal level. My favorite part of this book was the scripts, as they actually provided me with words as instruments to apply a negotiation strategy. …I was surprised on how confident I felt going into a more formal level when negotiating with a customer. “
Jo Manning, published author. “Mary Greenwood’s books, which include How to Mediate Like a Pro and How to Interview Like a Pro, are written in an approachable, succinct, reader-friendly, no-nonsense manner. Negotiation strategies are key, and Greenwood is very clear as to how strategizing works to one’s ultimate benefit. She is the ‘pro,’ who will guide you to becoming a pro. Her subtitle is How to Resolve Anything, Anytime Anywhere and she lives up to it. Greenwood’s tips on dealing with narcissists are spot on. —and again how timely.” How to Negotiate Like a Pro is “brilliant and succinct.” “These tips are useful to everyone, at every stage of our lives, and especially in these trying times, and you will thank Mary Greenwood each time you use it for writing it.”
Sally Helen Constain, published author. “I leave it on my night table as a reference book. Mary clarifies and guides the reader. This is an eye-opener and can be a life changer. The writing style is clear and conversational. Highly recommended for everyone, and also makes a great gift.”
Nadine Salazar. “There is so much new updated material in the Third Edition and an exceptional new chapter on How to Negotiate with Difficult People. This edition encompasses so much more, old and new. Congratulations on a well-written book.”
Earlier editions have won 9 book awards: Winner, Indie Excellence; Winner, DIY Book Festival; Finalist, National Best Book Awards; Finalist, ForeWord Book of the Year; Runner-up (2 categories,) New York Book Festival; Finalist Readers Favorite; Finalist, International Book Awards; Honorable Mention, London Book Festival.

About the Author
Mary Greenwood is an attorney, negotiator, mediator, arbitrator, human resources professional, and author of three award-winning books. Greenwood lives in St. Augustine, with her Boston terrier, Annabelle. For more info, see WWW.MaryGreenwood.org; www.Amazon.com/Author/MaryGreenwood; Mary’s email: Mgreen464@aol.com.

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