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Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Second Edition available at Barnes and Noble

By Mary Greenwood, JD, LLM
If you can’t seem to get what you want,
it’s time to learn How to Negotiate Like a Pro.

In this second revised edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro (the first edition won six book awards,) Greenwood, an attorney, negotiator, and human resources director with over twenty-five years of experience, adds new and revised chapters and provides the tools and strategies to negotiate anything, anytime, anywhere, including your spouse, your boss, a hotel or an online seller on eBay. Here’s a sample of tips you will get:

Gain strategies and practical tips for the negotiation process;

Deal with someone who is unreasonable;

Understand what the other side is thinking;

Break a deadlock;

Learn the ten questions to ask to get the best deal;

Lnow what to do when negotiations fail;

Find out what makes a good negotiator.

With Greenwood’s forty-one rules, you will be soon be negotiating like a professional.

Mary Greenwood, Mediator, Attorney and Author of How to Negotiate Like a Pro, second edition; How to Interview Like a Pro, winner of eleven book awards; and How to Mediate Like a Pro, winner of twelve book awards. Visit Mary's website

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cover of How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Second Edition

Cover of How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Second Edition

How to Negotiate Like a Pro was first published in 2006. After six years and six book awards, the new and improved Second Edition is going to be published soon. The 41 rules are the same, but there are new sections on negotiating with service providers such as a car dealer, phone company, doctor and art dealer. With so many changes in the Internet, the chapter on eBay has been completed revised.

A new section called "Ten Questions to Ask to get a Better Deal," gives the reader some insider tips so they can negotiate like a pro.

It has just been sent to the printer and will be available later in April.

Mary Greenwood, Mediator, Attorney and Author How to Interview Like a Pro, winner of eleven book awards, How to Mediate Like a Pro, winner of twelve book awards and First Edition of How to Negotiate Like a Pro, winner of six book awards. How to Negotiate Like a Pro, Second Edition will be available in April 2012. Visit www.MaryGreenwood.org

Friday, April 13, 2012

Review by D.S. White of How to Interview Like a Pro

Title: How to Interview Like a Pro: 43 Rules for Getting Your Next Job

Author: Mary Greenwood

Publisher: iUniverse.com

Release Date: December 2, 2010

Genre: Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: D.S. White


If you can’t seem to get the interviews and job offers you want, it’s time to learn How to Interview Like a Pro.

Written by longtime human resources director Mary Greenwood, the author of How to Negotiate Like a Pro and How to Mediate Like a Pro, this guidebook offers strategies and practical tips about the interview process. Learn how to prepare for your next interview and how to answer the difficult questions that leave other candidates stuttering.

You will learn forty-three rules that will help you get your next job. Here’s a sample of the types of tips you’ll get:


This guidebook is the perfect mix of reference materials, case studies, state and federal resources, and checklists. Discover the edge you need to produce results and learn How to Interview Like a Pro.


“Rule 8. Be in interview mode all the time.

…An employer told me about an applicant who wore bedroom slippers and short shorts while picking up an application. Often the person you get the application from is the same person who will interview you. If you are wearing bedroom slippers and shorts, the employer does not need to read the application to decide you are not employee material.”

For such a slender volume, this book is chock full of fabulously pertinent advice for the job seeker. It is delivered in a common sense manner and each rule is demonstrated by a concise example as it takes you through all the stages before and after the job interview.

Even after having worked in Human Resources myself, I still learned a thing or three. I wasn’t even half-way through the protected classes section when I realized that I had been hoodwinked and bamboozled for most of my working career, but I must admit that I have no one to blame for that but myself. A wise person once said that we perish from a lack of knowledge.

So what’s my point? You’ve got to have a plan. Studies show that those who end up achieving their goals are those who have a written plan. If you’re looking for a job, your plan could be How to Interview Like a Pro–advice, workbook and reference toolkit all-in-one.


4-1/2 MICE out of 5 MICE


This book is suitable for the beginner as well as the seasoned job seeker.


Mary Greenwood is an Attorney, Mediator, and Author of three award-winning books. Her latest book, How to Interview Like a Pro is based on Greenwood’s experience as a Human Resources Director and Attorney as well as her own experience as a head hunter and an applicant. It has already won eleven book awards including the Best How To Book category in the Reader View Book Awards, a Pinnacle Book Award, Honorable Mention in the DIY Book Festival and a silver winner in the ForeWord Magazine Book Awards. She has a BA and MA in English, a Law Degree and an LL.M. in Labor Law. Greenwood lives in Orlando, Florida with her Boston terrier Annabelle.

To learn more about Mary and her books please visit her site: http://marygreenwood.org.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Awards: The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Mary Greenwood

Book Awards: The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Mary Greenwood, author of award-winning How to Interview Like a Pro

1. Put award-winning book or award-winning author interchangeably with the name of your book or your name as the author. If you have won more than one award, use "multi-award winning."

2. Go through everything you write and change it to award-winning. This can include your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Look at your blog and Website. If you have previously written ezines or other articles, update them with your new awards.

3. Use Google Alerts with the name of your book to see how much PR you are really getting. This will help you decide where to put your continued efforts. I like to google some key phrases periodically to see what Google alerts has missed.

4. Write a detailed Press Release every time you win an award. I like to tell the history of the award and even list the other winners in my category. I may even write some nice things about the other winning books in my category. Then I write an email to those other writers with a copy of the link along with my congratulations. Sometimes these other winners will reciprocate by putting something about me on their blog or website.

5. Send copies of the Press Releases to anyone who might be interested in publishing the information. For example, send to your current newspaper and other newspapers such as your home newspaper or a newspaper where you previously lived. Send to your alumni associations, your employer and your professional organizations such as the local bar association or Rotary. Send to your local writers' group newsletter.

6. Put book award information on your signature on your email account so that everyone who receives an email from you will see this information. This is sent automatically and often, I will get a response like, " I did not know you were an author," or "My daughter is looking for a job and could use this book on interviewing." If it is not relevant to your email, you can always delete the signature before sending.

7. Write blurbs or tips that people will want to share with others on Facebook or retweet. That will help your information go viral.

8. Send the information frequently. You don't want to be obnoxious, but sending something only once may leave out people who don't check Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis. Some things do bear repeating. You can always tweak the post so it is a little different from earlier ones.

9. Recycle your reviews especially if you won an award with the reviewer's book contest. For example, my books have won awards with Reader Reviews and Readers Favorites. When I share these links, I mention that I won a Reader Reviews or Reader Favorites book award.

10. Use your awards to get an interview or make a pitch. I have gotten many leads for articles mentioning my books about interviewing and negotiating as a result of (HAR0)) www.helpareporter.com. This is a free service and once you sign up, you will get several emails a day with the needs of journalists for future stories. If you see something related to your expertise, you can send a timely pitch which will be forwarded by HARO. My first sentence usually is "I am an award-winning author ..."

11. The list for promoting your book awards is endless and only limited by your imagination.

All of this may seem narcissistic, but if you don't not toot your horn, who will?

Mary Greenwood has won 29 book awards for How to Negotiate Like a Pro, How to Mediate Like a Pro and How to Interview Like a Pro.