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Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Dad's Favorite Sayings: Jackisms

After my Dad died, my sister Sara and I made a list of his sayings. It was therapeutic to remember his favorite sayings, which we called Jackisms.  He was the most optimistic person I ever knew and his sayings reflect that. He also loved strange and interesting words. We miss you.
JACK GREENWOOD’s Jackisms 1915-2009
A Gentleman and A Scholar

1. If you stick with me, you will be wearing diamonds.
2. Keep your snorkel up
3. Keep your chin up
4. Better than a sharp stick in the eye
5. Oppydildock
6. Bellyup (like a fish)
7. Don't take any wooden nickels
8. Let it roll off your back.
9. Roll with the punches.
10. As I live and breathe.
11. You are a sight for sore eyes.
12. Go get 'em tiger.
13. Connecticut is God's country
14. Connecticut is the banana belt of New England
15. The head gink.
16. Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.
17. Put your best foot forward.
18. Always dress your best.
19. Go pound sand
20. Knock them dead
21. You can always tell a Greenwood, but you can't tell him much.(printed on pens at 90th birthday party)
22. What have you done for your country today?
23. Hold the fort.
24. Rigamarole
25. discombobulated
26. Don't forget your mittens. (from Shaggy Dog movie and when my sister, Marnie rented the porch to live)
27. Good on you.
28. Everyone is a critic
29. Give me high test (coffee)
30. That will grow hair on your chest
31. That will stick to your ribs
32. That is good for what ails you.
33. Have a hot toddy.
34. Pipe down
35. Hold the phone (stop)
36. Hold your horses
37. He's a peach of a guy
38. Trust in the lord
39. You don’t know how to eat.

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PMF said...

This needs to be a book with a short story to go with each saying and blank pages for people to write in their own favorite sayings. And.....it should come out in time for Father's Day 2019!!!!